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VR Driving

Mental Health Driving Anxiety Assessment & Treatment 

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In 2022, Critical Trauma Therapy developed a client customized mental health driving assessment utilizing virtual reality technology.


This assessment is completed by one of our skilled psychotherapists or social workers to identify triggers associated with returning to driving and/or travelling as a passenger.


We control the VR environment to immerse the client in a virtual, yet realistic driving situation, in which factors like time of day, speed, weather, travel conditions, or even cell phone interruptions re-enact triggers that would cause anxiety. This report removes the subjectiveness of travelling anxiety, through biofeedback measures that provide data related to heart rate and perspiration (stress responses).


Treatment is also provided through guided exposure therapy to effectively reduce driving and passenger anxiety.  

This report is then utilized to develop a customized treatment protocol, and or to dispute SABS benefits such as IRB where an individual demonstrates an inability to travel to/from workplace.

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